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Mike Quon' s Illustrations

Thursday, 01 March 2012 22:58


A Los Angeles native and longtime New Yorker, Mike Quon is an illustrator and graphic designer greatly influenced by popular culture and his own heritage. His father, Milton Quon, was one of the first Asian-American artists to work for The Walt Disney Company, creating artwork for Fantasia and other animated film classics. At UCLA, Mike was further influenced by his studies under noted artists Ed Ruscha, Jan Stussy, Don Weller, Brice Marden, Lynn Foulkes, Richard Diebenkorn and Robert Heineken. A voracious interest in people and street life drew Mike to New York in the 1970s, where he joined a thriving art scene and a new era of graphic design that was permeating the visual landscape of marketing. Mike’s design office quickly partnered with businesses, advertising agencies, and institutions to create promotions, brand identities, packaging and collateral that often incorporated his signature brush-stroke style and eye catching colors.

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NYC Fotoworks Fusion Portfolio Review

November 1st – 3rd, 2011

New York, NY


Photographers & Illustrators: NYCFotoWorks is hosting an exclusively professional portfolio review, bringing an impressive list of reviewers together, including art buyers, creative directors, editors, agents, galleries and design firms to meet 1-on-1 with artists.  Over the last four years, NYCFotoWorks has become a premiere source for professional artists to make personal connections with other creative professionals in the business.  As the NYCFotoWorks Portfolio Reviews have gained traction and proved to be an asset for artists, photographers and illustrators from around the world have started making their way to New York to take advantage of meeting with so many creative professionals over three days.

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Smart.MAGNA artist Andre Miripolsky's large commissioned public murals will soon be seen not only in Los Angeles, but also in Monterey, California.

In conjunction with the revolutionary redevelopment of Downtown Los Angeles, Andre Miripolsky was commissioned in 2005 by the Central City Association of L.A. to create a large 3-D wall sculpture depicting his vision of the exploding Downtown L.A. skyline.  In 2006 he introduced this image coupled with his phrase “Viva L.A.” which has blossomed to much acclaim and is very well on its way as part of the branding of the renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles.  This renaissance is expected to continue through the next decade.

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NYCFotoWorks is quickly becoming the premiere professional networking source for professional and emerging visual artists.  This innovative company helps artists gain the exposure needed to maintain or launch a successful career.  Through Portfolio Reviews and Juried Shows, NYCFotoWorks brings the work of talented photographers and illustrators to the attention of editors, creative directors, art buyers, photo agents and galleries.  This year, Smart Magna will be participating as reviewers in the NYCFotoworks June Portfolio Review.


 “This is where professional connections for visual artists happen.”


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Charles Edmund Brock was an English artist and illustrator, who signed his work C. E. Brock. He illustrated several books, among them some of Jane Austen's novels. The four illustrations that follow are for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

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New Smart.MAGNA artist: Kurt van der Basch

Wednesday, 02 March 2011 02:02
Kurt van der Basch is the latest artist to join the Smart.MAGNA team. He talked to us about his life, his work and his dreams: "I have always want to be a better storyboard artist, which means always being faster and more concise with a greater ability to visualise cinematic shots and sequences faster and more clearly. This I think comes with self confidence which comes with experience...."
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Sir John Tenniel (28th February, 1820 – 25th February 1914) was a British illustrator and political cartoonist. He is mostly known as the illustrator of the Alice books by Lewis Caroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and The Nursery Alice. Also, for 50 years, he was the main political cartoonist for Punch, one of the leading British satirical magazines of its times (1841-1992, 1996–2002).

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Concha Alonso Dubón is the latest artist to join the smart.MAGNA team. Concha, who lives in Valencia, Spain, talked to us about her life, her career and her dreams as an artist:


"I was born in Valencia where I studied Arts and History of Art at the same time before doing a Master in graphic arts. I'v always been interested in illustration - first comes the hand and pencil, and then all the rest...


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The tedious account of my life isn't very extravagant, but keeping it to a couple of sentences makes it sound a lot more exciting. I grew up in Kitchener, Ontario where I also attending Conestoga College studying Graphic Design. It was a fantastic environment to learn in and a great time in my life. From here I went to Brisbane, Australia's Queensland College of Art to further my studies. This was also fantastic, albeit a bit warmer. In terms of professional work, I was employed with a series of design studios as one of the many "designers who illustrate". I've been very fortunate as now I'm back at Conestoga College in a teaching capacity. I'll tell you that school is VERY different from the other side of the desk.

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