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Interview with STEVEN JAMES SCOTT, photographer

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 06:47

Steven James Scott is a US-born photographer who now lives and works in Berlin. His series Dirty Bird, inspired by the Gulf oil spill was shown at an exhibition in Berlin last fall. We asked Steven to tell us some things about himself.

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The tedious account of my life isn't very extravagant, but keeping it to a couple of sentences makes it sound a lot more exciting. I grew up in Kitchener, Ontario where I also attending Conestoga College studying Graphic Design. It was a fantastic environment to learn in and a great time in my life. From here I went to Brisbane, Australia's Queensland College of Art to further my studies. This was also fantastic, albeit a bit warmer. In terms of professional work, I was employed with a series of design studios as one of the many "designers who illustrate". I've been very fortunate as now I'm back at Conestoga College in a teaching capacity. I'll tell you that school is VERY different from the other side of the desk.

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